Learning from POWER

ActionAid’s Promoting Opportunities for Women’s Empowerment and Rights (POWER) programme touched the lives of thousands of people. Over five years (2016-2020) it helped rural women in Bangladesh, Ghana, Rwanda and Pakistan to increase their income, and improved their ability to control this income.

We’ve taken what we learned from POWER and turned it into a resource to help you understand the issues and to improve future programming. These modules will help you understand women’s rights and economic empowerment, and how they link with agroecology, unpaid care work and violence against women.

The modules

These modules are suitable for people who are interested in reducing the burden of unpaid care work, applying agroecology, eliminating violence against women and achieving gender equality.

You may be asked by your manager to look at a particular module, or you can dive in to whichever module is most relevant to what you’re currently working on. You can filter the modules by topic, country, or work type, or a combination of these criteria, using the buttons below.

Each module is designed to be as clear and accessible possible, whether you’re a technical expert or somebody who is new to these issues. Every module can be read and completed on its own, or alongside other modules. At the end of each module, there’s a Dig deeper section that suggests additional material you may find useful. There are also actions throughout the modules, designed to help you to think more deeply about the issues and solutions, and to apply them in your own context.

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