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Women’s Economic Empowerment and Unpaid Care Work policy brief: online launch

This webinar was to launch the POWER project policy brief: ‘Incorporation of Women’s Economic Empowerment and Unpaid Care Work into regional policies (Africa)’.

This brief provides an analysis of current policies and practices across Africa that relate to rural women’s economic empowerment and, in particular, the inclusion of the issue of Unpaid Care Work. It considers the successes and the gaps and identifies opportunities for improvement.

About 30 participants attended the launch to hear the key recommendations and more detail of the advocacy work being done at local, national and regional level.  Those attending also had the opportunity to input their own experiences and challenges.  Participants also considered ways of working together to ensure better incorporation of issues around Unpaid Care Work into national and regional policies..

Issues that arose in the discussion were around: the need to ensure governments better support Early Childhood Development Centres; the need to look at time and labour saving equipment to reduce UCW; how to include men;  looking at social protection for older women; importance of coordinating work with different Ministries and ensuring we try to work with their priorities and timelines; importance of working with allies who have a similar focus; the need to support women’s movements and organisations; and the use of time diaries within the POWER project as an important tool.

Participants from other organisations shared their experiences of working on similar issues.  For example:

Oxfam’s work on developing a manual for 3-day training with women’s rights organisations on the understanding of, and advocacy around, Unpaid Care Work.  They are soon finalising this and will share once complete.

Promundo’s MenCare campaign  (on engaging men in issues around UCW) and the 2017 State of the World’s Fathers report  They also have new research from Rwanda that shows a reduction in Violence Against Women and in men working on UCW and will be publishing this soon.


Webinar structure

00:00 – Intro to policy brief and details of its content and recommendations (Christina Kwangwari, Project Coordinator, POWER project, ActionAid & Shameem Sheik Dastagir, ActionAid Programme Manager for Women’s Rights)

15:14 – Experiences from Rwanda (Clare Katwesigye, Women’s Rights and Advocacy Coordinator, ActionAid Rwanda)

30:05 –Experiences on engaging with the African Union strategy development (Buba Khan, Africa regional Advocacy Advisor, ActionAid)

42:00 – Experiences from Ghana (Azumi Mesuna, POWER project manager, ActionAid Ghana)

Questions and feedback throughout