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‘Different Images of Men’

ActionAid Bangladesh held a photo exhibition to sensitise and encourage men to share Unpaid Care Work.

The photographs and stories in the exhibition  “Different Images of Men”, and in the book of the same name, challenge the perspective that Unpaid Care Work is something that only women do.  They show that men actually do carry out these tasks: making visible the invisible participation of men in Unpaid Care Work and challenging the traditional notion of masculinity.  The increased understanding, and participation, of men is an important part of ensuing recognition and redistribution of Unpaid Care Work for women.  This unique collection includes photos from different regions, classes, castes, races and religions across Bangladesh.   As well as highlighting the participation of men these photos also show the overall importance of Unpaid Care Work in our daily lives.  The importance to family, to society and to the state.

You can see a selection of the photos from the exhibition in a slideshow at the bottom of the ‘Unpaid Care Work’ page of this site